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The team behind this project

Rich Blundell

Scientist leader of the project

Rich Blundell was raised on a small, family-owned, farm in Southeastern Massachusetts. He credits his experience with farm animals and work with forming his deep sensitivity toward living things and nature. For several years he was a commercial fisherman, that is, until an 800-pound Bluefin tuna which he had caught changed his path. That experience set him on two decades of marine and terrestrial adventures around the globe from East and Central Africa, South and Central America, the Caribbean and, most recently, Australia. Rich has committed his life to communicating the soaring central revelation of the natural sciences: our physical and spiritual oneness with the cosmos. He holds a joint B.Sc. in geology and marine science, an Ed.M.

in science communication, and completed his Ph.D. in Big History (aka cosmic evolution). Rich’s research explores the personal and cultural transformative power of engaging with the scientific cosmic narrative and how that transformation can help ameliorate the Anthropocene. But Rich is not your typical scientist. He is more comfortable in flip-flops than a lab coat and better suited to a hammock than a lab. He’s an amiable dude and wannabe musician who taps syncopated rhythms on everything and plays a killer air-ukulele. Small creatures and sunsets seem to love Rich and he self-describes as “Awed by nature, and a bit odd by-nature.”

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Fred Adam

Art Director – Workshops & Digital Media

i am a New Media artist, researcher and Freelance Art Director expert in spatial narratives in the outdoors. I am especially interested in the exploration of the world with Smartphones in time and space, from the very small to the very large and from the past to the future. I investigate how mobile technology can help us to understand better and preserve the Earth by involving people into transformative outdoors experiences. I am collaborating and inspired by artists, scientists, programmers and teachers from the past and the present like Robert Filliou, Rich Blundell, Stephan Harding, Rebecca Solnit, Brian Swimme, Sylvie Marchand and Keiko Tanaka (beyond others). They are making each day my life more and more interesting.

Steve Watts Kennedy

VR Creative Director

Creative director of the VR “In the Light of the Forest“.

Christoph Ferstad

Short Movie Creative Director

Camera and post production of the movie “An Earth Story“.

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